My Monthly Edit

My Monthly Edit

August monthly edit

Even on days when I start out with my hair down & curled, I usually end up putting it up or back in some way by the middle of the afternoon.  Because I wear my hair up so much more in the warm weather months, I decided it was a good idea to have some pretty accessories that would make it look like I put in more effort than I actually did.  I recently picked up this printed scarf (tie it in a ponytail, around a bun or wear like a headband), this faux leather scrunchie (looks & feels like the real thing), this patterned hair tie (perfect for fall!) & this headband.  Other pretty options to camouflage a bad hair day or to complement your look: these hair elastics, this gold barette, these hair clips & this braided headband.

It’s hard to go on social media right now without hearing someone talk about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I placed my order on Monday and was a little disappointed that several items ended up getting cancelled later.  But, I am looking forward to sharing what I did get with you once everything comes in and I have the chance to try it all on.  If you don’t have access to shop the sale yet, I recommend browsing through & building a wish list so you can quickly add them to your cart & checkout once it opens to the general public.  Some of the pieces I’m most excited about are these ivory mules (which also come in black & snakeskin), this plaid blazer, this cozy thermal top, my favorite setting powder, this soft throw blanket & this sports bra.  I’ll be sharing more next week once my order arrives, so stay tuned!

Last week, the governor of Oregon put mandates in place that will make it impossible for our kids to return to school next month for in-person learning.  Obviously, they were devastated as they now will have very few opportunities to meet their classmates & teachers face to face.  After moving to a new state, it’s made it so difficult for them to get connected & feel as if they’re part of a community due to the restrictions from COVID-19.  Parenting during these times is so challenging and our #1 goal has been to keep a steady & open line of communication and to make sure that our kids feel comfortable coming to talk to us about their fears, friendships, school, etc.  So, we’ve started implementing Sunday family meetings where we sit down & talk about how things are going, how they are feeling and then we all share “one more, one less” (one thing we need more of and one thing we’d like less of in the coming week).  For example, this last week, my son said he needed more time to connect with his friends back in NY and he wanted less unstructured free time during the day.  So, we set up weekly Facetime calls with two of his best friends and created a new schedule that will help him fill his time in a more productive way. If you don’t have kids, you can do this same exercise with your significant other – it’s a great way to learn what their specific needs are & how you can help meet them.

I’ve been letting my nails grow this summer and I’m finding that I prefer classic neutrals over brights when they’re at a longer length.  I have been using this illuminating nail concealer lately & absolutely love it – it’s like your nails, but better.  It’s the prettiest milky white neutral that looks so chic & actually prevents nail yellowing.  I apply two coats, along with a topcoat & it seriously makes it look like you had a manicure at the salon.  Full disclosure: this is more than I would normally spend on nail polish, but I’ve never found anything like this and, because I can get it to last over 10 days without chipping, I’m confident I’ll get my money’s worth.

Have you heard of Gua Sha?  It’s a healing technique that promotes lymphatic drainage, helps eliminate puffiness, increases circulation & promotes collagen production.  It can also help with jaw tension & headaches!  It’s similar to jade rolling, but this method is more targeted and, therefore, the results are significantly greater.  I ordered this 3-piece set last week to start experimenting with it and I have noticed a big difference, especially on mornings when I wake up extra puffy.  After washing my face, I apply 5 drops of this face oil and then begin (I follow the step by step guidelines on this sheet).  It’s definitely not for when you’re rushed as it does take some time to complete the whole process, but I’m loving the benefits so far!

Wrinkles & smile lines don’t bother me much, so I’ve never had Botox (no shame to those who do!), but the hyperpigmentation that I get drives me crazy…and I feel like it’s gotten worse in the last couple of years.  I’ve been using this dark spot correcting serum on my face (which I love), but I wanted something I could use on my arms & legs too.  After doing some research, I ordered this fade spot cream, which has the same active ingredient as my face serum – after just two weeks, I can already see some of my spots getting lighter (including scars!).  Needless to say, I will be ordering it in bulk from here on out – just wish it came in a Costco-sized tub!

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