Recent Amazon Purchases

Recent Amazon Purchases

Amazon has been such a life-saver since we moved and I’ve definitely been purchasing more online since quarantine first began.  While their shipping times can be slow for certain things, all the items I’m sharing below are ones I ordered and received fairly quickly via Prime.  This collage is a round-up of everything I’ve purchased on Amazon since my last post in May (seen here).  I only share the best of the best here with you, so I hope you see some things that you love!

July Amazon favorites

Crochet Trim Blouse
Who doesn’t need a pretty white top for summer than can instantly dress up shorts or denim?  The lace detailing on this one makes it look so much more expensive than it is & it comes in several different colors.  I found it to run true to size (it has a looser fit through the torso).

False Lash Effect Mascara
I kept hearing rave reviews about this mascara from friends of mine, so I finally ordered some for myself and I have to say that it definitely lives up to the hype!  It might be the best mascara I’ve tried at this price (under $5!) – if you’re a fan of volume-building formulas, I would highly recommend giving this a try!

Hexagonal Aviators
These look exactly like the Ray-Bans I had been lusting after…but they’re under $15!  I love the unique shape of the lenses and I appreciate that they’re polarized too.

Honeycomb Bangle Bracelet
There’s something so classic & chic about a stack of gold bangles (especially when paired with a summer tan).  The honeycomb design of this one makes it a stand-out – it actually has a hinge on the side, which makes it easier to get on and off + it fits my wrist perfectly.

Satin Short Pajamas
Our new bedroom doesn’t have a ceiling fan and I don’t think I realized how much I appreciated having one until now. Even though we’ve lightened up our bedding for summer, I’ve still been overheated at night, so I ordered these short pajamas and I’ve pretty much been living in them every since.  These come in 8 different prints & I went up one size because I prefer my pajamas to have a looser fit.

Hair Gloss Treatment
This might be the best product I’ve ever bought for my hair (second only to my beloved Olaplex).  It instantly minimized my frizz and made my hair so shiny that I almost couldn’t believe it was my hair – I’m hooked!

Silk Scrunchies
This is one of my secret weapons for extending the life of my blow-outs!  On day 3, before bed, I spray dry shampoo on my roots and put my hair up in a high bun with one of these scrunchies.  Then, when I wake up in the morning, the oil has been absorbed and I have great volume at my roots (with no creases from the elastic).  These are so much more affordable than other brands I’ve seen and they do the trick!

Block Heel Sandals
When we moved, I realized that I didn’t have any lower-heel sandals – I have lots of slides and higher heels, but nothing in that versatile in-between spot.  These are exactly what I was looking for – the perfect neutral cognac hue, delicate minimalist straps & real leather.  And you can’t beat that price!

Printed Wrap Dress
I’ve been on the hunt for more easy summer dresses that I can throw on & instantly feel put-together.  This one has a flattering wrap silhouette that you can adjust how you want it + it comes in 18 gorgeous summer prints.  I ordered the Small and found it to run true to size.

iPhone Running Armband
Even though gyms have re-opened, we don’t feel safe going to them yet, so my husband and I are still running outdoors for the foreseeable future.  Now that the weather is warmer & you don’t need a jacket, I ordered this armband for my husband to use on his runs and he loves it.  I borrowed it one day & was really impressed by how well it stayed put even though I was sweating like crazy & I got rained on.  I also liked that there was a spot for a car key & an opening for my earphones cable.

Laundry Pet Hair Remover Discs
I don’t even understand how these work, but I’m so thankful I found them.  We used to have so much dog hair that would collect in the rubber rim of our washer but these have solved that problem.  You just toss them in with your load and they magically keep the hair away.  I wash ours every couple of loads to keep them like new & so far, so good!

Dog Life Jacket
After our dog fell into the deep end of my parents pool and was struggling to get out, I knew this was a necessity.  He loves water, but has only been on beaches and lake fronts, so he was confused about how to get in and out of the pool (there’s only one set of stairs in).  This will put my mind at ease and help me teach him in a controlled way so he can learn to swim safely this summer.

Ingrown Hair Brush
Nothing is more annoying that razor bumps & ingrown hairs, especially in the summer when we’re all shaving more frequently.  I use it before shaving for about 15-30 seconds on my underarms & bikini line and I get a much better shave with no irritation.

14K Gold Plated Hoops
While I was out & about last week, one of my hoops fell out & I didn’t realize it until I got home.  So I bought these as a replacement and was pleasantly surprised by the quality for the price.  These come in 4 different sizes based on how large you like your hoops (I got the 35mm).

Bottle Brush Set
This set comes with brushes of all different sizes so you can clean pretty much any bottle you have.  We use the tiny one for our stainless steel straws & the larger ones for our various water bottles – these would also be great for baby bottles & sippy cups!

Gratitude Journal
One of my favorite new traditions that we’ve started since we moved in with my parents is keeping a joint gratitude journal.  After dinner each night, we go around the table and everyone shares something that they’re grateful for & each one gets documented in the journal.  I know this will be such a special book to have & read through years from now & I’m so glad we’re taking the time to do it.

Desktop Cord Holder
I ordered one of these cord organizers for my husband’s desk and another one for our bedroom since the outlets are behind our bed and hard to reach.  It’s perfect for keeping cables neatly in place & right where you need them.

Corner Shower Organizer
There are 6 of us in the house now and we’re all using the same shower…which means there are a lot of products that we’re needing to squeeze into a small space.  Thankfully it’s a larger walk-in shower, but there are no benches or ledges to set bottles on, so we ordered this shower caddy to keep everything corralled & it’s been a life-saver!

Acrylic Hi-Ball Tumblers
The weather has been so nice here in Oregon that we’ve been eating most of our dinners out on the patio. But, after my son dropped one of my mom’s vintage glasses, I realized that I needed to order some shatter-proof tumblers for our outdoor dining.  From a distance, you can’t even tell that these are acrylic and they wash up so beautifully.

Storage Bag Holder
I’m always looking for kitchen gadgets that will help make food prep & clean-up a little bit easier.  This handy tool works like a sturdy stand & will hold a gallon size storage bag open so you can easily dump contents in without having to hold onto the bag at the same time.  This is so great for pastas, soups, sauces & more!

Portable Contact Lens Kit
My daughter just got contacts for the first time this summer, so I bought her this portable kit that she can take with her for camping trips, when she’s sleeping over at a friends house or to keep in her locker at school just in case.

Foldable Cutting Board
This is the best tool to use when you’re chopping vegetables & need to quickly transfer them to the pan without spilling anything.  You just squeeze the handle and the sides fold in to create a neat little chute for food to slide down – so genius!  It comes in a mini, small or large size – I initially ordered the small, but we love it so much that I’m planning on getting another one in the large.

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