14 Design Ideas to Know Before Remodelling Your Home

14 Design Ideas to Know Before Remodelling Your Home

From sinks till vanities, from bathtubs till showers, we are here to provide you with the best bathroom renovation services in Port Macquarie. From maximising space to practical updates until the latest hardware styles and colour, there are some trends in 2020 worth mentioning.

  1. Futuristic bathrooms

If you are into technology then this year bathrooms will have automatic sinks, mini-fridges and smart showers. Bathrooms are transforming into a spa-room providing you with the best bathroom services in Port Macquarie, helping you in fulfilling such luxury.

  1. Storage spaces with added compactness

Shelves, cabinets, compact storage areas etc would present itself in simplified ways promoting minimalist habits this year. Such a lifestyle has a belief in relieving stress and keeping you organized in simple ways.

  1. Wood accents are in trend again

Such a trend is back again due to its accent and warmer tones where its various shades help in complimenting darker, green, blue and white coloured bathrooms. We have a huge collection of wood accents, more reason for which we provide the best bathroom services in Port Macquarie.

  1. Open showers

Open showers can help in increasing your bathroom space visually. Those days are long gone where one used to worry about slipping on the edge of the bathtub when trying to get off.

  1. Tile shapes and patterns worth noticing

Try chevron patterns in new textures and colours, Moroccan fish scales, diamond, arabesque or improved and new hexagon tiles. Adding grace on the floor, they are also used on shower walls, ceiling and backsplashes.

  1. The new grey is black

This year everyone is moving on to darker, bolder styles, especially black. Such is popular in mirrors, vanities and light fixtures, also matte finishes.

  1. Gold and brass having vintage comebacks

Such warm, new, lovely toned gold fixtures are found in plumbing, adding proper amounts of luxury feels, dimension and depth. It accents perfectly, complimenting mirrors, light fixtures and hardware.

  1. Industrial-styles vanities and sinks

Its modern and sleek looks go perfectly with the classy yet edgy trend of remodelling, looking great in hall bathrooms or small apartments.  Such sinks match with fun tile patterns, matte black fixtures, gold or brass accents and pop colours.

  1. Colour pops

Such colours pair neatly with neutral shades, either dark or light. The colour chosen specifically can be utilized in setting several moods whereas other colours might boost your creativity levels.

  1. Blushing pinks

Blush is the most popular for modernized bathroom walls where rose gold is trendy. Such colour is applied to implement on bathtubs, drawer pulls and faucets.

  1. Advanced and asymmetrical mirrors

With geometric and unique mirror shape are in with smart touch abilities and anti-fog technologies added. Back-lit mirrors are better options allowing lighting, distracting from asymmetrical mirror shapes.

  1. Underfloor heating system

Such can be implemented utilizing various flooring options like wood, vinyl, concrete or tile. Along with providing heat, they help in reducing possible allergic reactions and noise levels.

  1. Floating vanities

It reduces the cabinetry’s weight visually, offering visual breaks for material coordination.

  1. Wallpapers

Wallpapers are back due to its graphics, murals and colourful, big bold patterns. New versions stick and peal, having no issues of cleaning up the glue.

If you plan to implement any of these trends in your bathroom then we are here to help. We are well-known for making such trends into your bathroom come true, providing the best bathroom renovation services Port Macquarie.

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