Renovation with Semihandmade

Renovation with Semihandmade

my kitchen nook

This post is very special to me! As many of you know, I have been working on renovating my home for the last year. I bought a fixer-upper condo just about three years ago and the transformation is more than I could have hoped for! When I started making my Pinterest boards and dreaming up what my kitchen and master bathroom would look like, I knew that I wanted to use Semihandmade on Ikea cabinets. These two rooms are the ones that I spend the most time in and I put most of my energy and resources into making them beautiful.

Semihandmade is a company that makes upgraded fronts for Ikea bases. Ikea is great for finding a configuration for your cabinets but I wanted them to have a special touch – this is where Semihandmade came in! I was able to figure out the layout of my kitchen and bathroom on the Ikea Home Planner and then submit it to Semihandmade to help me figure out what I needed to order from them to complete my project. I was even able to create the nook in my kitchen by using the Semihandmade x Ikea system.

After browsing through the Past Projects section on their website, I was inspired and ready to make my decisions. The selection of colors and finishes are so good! Whether you’re looking for a classic wood finish or want to do a fun color, you’ll find great options. I personally was so drawn to the Tahoe wood and decided to make my kitchen two-toned so that I could keep it bright and white but also incorporate the beautiful Tahoe finish. I used the Supermatte White Slab for the wall side of my kitchen and the Impression Tahoe for my peninsula and bathroom cabinets. Since I was planning for black flooring and window finishes around my home, I kept the theme going with simple black handles.

The company was incredibly easy to work with and I couldn’t recommend them more! My kitchen and bathroom dreams come true!

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Scroll down to see my finished kitchen and bathroom and also my before photos!

my kitchen

guest bathroom

master bathroom